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Whether you have a small team or are in need of a full enterprise solution, HALO provides cost-effective leasing options to suit every customer's requirements. Lease with confidence with our latest technology and service guarantee.

Our range of body-worn cameras and DAMS software has been designed for the needs of tomorrow. Whether you need an IP68-certified body camera or a 4G connected device we have the body cam solution for you.

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Our products

HALO Horizon Body Cam

Designed for the future of public safety, our fully customisable Horizon Body Camera allows you to fully tailor your solution to suit your precincts requirements.

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Check out our best in class Digital Asset Management software. Ingest Body Camera footage, CCTV and more all for one fixed price - Justice served.

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HALO Aware

Geofence Technology: Automatically activates any HALO BodyCam within a 30 sq ft radius. Capture complete incident overview.

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HALO Bundles

Our fixed-cost BodyCam leasing plans start from just £33 per month. Enjoy affordable world-class technology with no hidden costs.

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Innovation has never been more affordable

The world’s first truly cost-effective body-worn solution, with zero upfront costs.

Lease or buy
From just £33 per month
Fixed-cost data usage*
Full-term product warranty
Free setup and 24-7 support

Supermarket & Retail Security

Invest in new Body Cam technology to protect premises.

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Police & Emergency Services

Gather evidence, create cases & reduce paperwork.

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Private Security & Enforcement

Transforming digital evidence management with our cold storage solution.

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Halo Vault


Revolutionising Digital Asset Management

Unify your digital evidence storage with our cloud-based Digital Asset Management software. In other words, Ingest Body Cam footage, CCTV and more...

Who we work with

Clients from every industry. Retail to transport, Police and Government Agencies across the globe.

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District Enforcement
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Security Group
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Your partners in crime.

Our leasing model means we are a genuine partner - in it for the long-term, not a quick sale. It’s a unique approach and it works. It builds closer relationships and trust. It leads to better product development through closer, real-world collaboration. It means that whoever wears a HALO camera also carries with them the strength, protection and support of the entire HALO team - a community of fearless protectors a legion of brothers and sisters in arms doing tough jobs, but never doing them alone. No matter where you’re going, we’re with you all the way.

An unfailing ally.

Innovation lies at the heart of who we are, with years of frontline experience in the UK and European Body Camera sectors, we have developed a bespoke, turn-key Body Cam and software solution. Robust, reliable and cost-effective. We supply affordable world-leading technology that works as hard as you and your colleagues in the frontline.

If it's 9am where you are, it's 9am where we are.

Organisations like us that want to grow from one territory to become relevant and responsive across many others have to move with the times - literally. So although our customer support team is based in western Europe, you’d never know it. 9am in Tokyo is 9am with us. Noon in Sacramento is also midday here.

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