4G Body Cameras: Simple, Smart & Secure

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The HALO Connect 4G body camera is built on a concept that's simple and smart: saving our customers time and money.

This fully connected device automatically uploads all your video footage to the cloud by harnessing the power of our nation's 4G mobile networks. So there’s nothing they need to manually do at the end of their shift.

Securely store your video evidence with no staff interaction as the HALO Connect body camera automatically uploads all bodycam footage to our secure cloud servers, so any unexpected extra charges are a thing of the past. With our fixed-cost monthly plans, there are no hidden charges and zero upfront costs.

You'll have access to vital information at all times, improving team performance and increasing productivity by up to 12.5%. Say goodbye to clunky wired connections and expensive out-of-bundle data charges forever. 

As we don’t rely on third-party lending providers, we are proud to offer our clients an affordable monthly price with no extra charges. We include everything you need to deploy your body camera solution - with zero upfront costs.

With HALO Connect, your video footage will be uploaded to the cloud automatically and securely for your peace of mind, allowing your team to focus on what matters most.

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Last updated October 12, 2022

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