Body Cameras for Council Environmental Enforcement teams

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Body Cameras are instrumental in the prevention and detection of environmental crime and in improving enforcement staff safety. The rise in environmental crime across the UK has seen countless Local Authorities introduce HALO body cameras as part of their environmental enforcement strategies.

Enforcement teams record issuing Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) in relation to breaches of Dog Control Orders, Community Protection Notices, Public Space Protection Orders as well as other enforceable offences. Many Councils opt to extend the use of body cameras to authorised organisations undertaking enforcement on their behalf. 

Capturing first-hand evidence of offences and the issuing of FPNs can help speed up judicial processes and reduce legal costs as people are less likely to contest the evidence captured by the body camera. 

Supported by Waste Investigations Support & Enforcement(WISE),Rushcliffe Borough Councilhas been taking a hands-on approach to take action against fly-tippers. The enforcement partnership operates seven days a week and has brought a welcomed four-year low in reported fly-tips in the borough. Public complaints have dropped by over 60% due to evidence captured by the Fly Tipping Team who are each equipped with HALO body cameras. During their ongoing partnership, WISE has issued over 160 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for dumped waste offences within the district.

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Last updated April 26, 2022

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