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HALO Body Cameras Secures $20 Million Funding to Revolutionize the Safety and Security Sector

February 27, 2024

HALO Body Cameras Secures $20 Million Funding to Revolutionize the Safety and Security Sector

In a significant move to reshape the landscape of safety and security technology, HALO, the leading subscription-based bodycam and digital asset management platform, has announced a successful $20 million Series A funding round led by Volition Capital. This injection of capital is poised to catapult HALO into a new phase of growth, enabling the company to expand its innovative offerings and accelerate the adoption of its cutting-edge technology.

The investment from Volition Capital comes at a crucial time for HALO, as the demand for advanced and affordable security solutions continues to soar across various industries. HALO's subscription-based model, which offers highly scalable and cost-effective video evidence-gathering and management technology, has garnered significant attention and praise from the market. With this new funding, HALO is well-positioned to leverage on the growing need for transparency, accountability, and safety in both public and private sectors.

The use of body cameras has become increasingly prevalent in law enforcement and emergency response organizations, driven by the need to enhance transparency and protect both officers and the public. According to industry estimates, the Body-worn Camera and Wearable Tech Market is expected to reach 15.74 billion USD by 2029, indicating a substantial and expanding market opportunity for HALO's innovative solutions.

One of the key factors driving HALO's rapid growth is its unique subscription-based business model. By offering flexible subscription packages, HALO enables organizations to maximize their technology budgets, facilitating wider deployment of its body camera and digital asset management technology. This approach not only enhances efficiency and productivity but also addresses the pressing need for cost-effective security solutions in today's challenging environment.

"At HALO's inception, our mission was to revolutionize the safety and security sector by delivering innovative technology aimed at protecting lives and businesses," said Fiona Shanley, CEO of HALO. "Rising social and economic challenges have heightened the demand for efficient, reliable security solutions that prioritize budget efficiency and people's safety. This funding will fuel our global expansion and enable significant investment in product innovation, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry and consistently address our customers' evolving needs”.

Volition Capital's funding will enable HALO to further develop its hardware and software offerings, emphasizing the introduction of new AI and analytics capabilities and the provision of Open APIs for easy integration with partner technologies. Additionally, this investment will facilitate HALO's market presence, explore new use cases, expand partnerships, and support the company's team expansion in both the United States and EMEA.

“There are several converging trends driving increased demand, adoption and growth potential of bodycam and digital asset management solutions in the public and private sectors,” said Tomy Han, Volition Capital Partner. “Technology including hardware and software has become a critical part of safeguarding lives and businesses. The use cases for bodycam solutions have expanded well beyond traditional law enforcement and with its subscription-based SaaS model and experienced leadership team, HALO is well positioned to meet the diverse and flexible needs of these sectors globally.”

About Volition: Volition Capital, headquartered in Boston, is a growth equity firm specializing in investments in high-growth, founder-led businesses within the software, Internet, and consumer industries. Established in 2010, Volition manages over $1.7 billion in assets and has supported over 40 companies in the U.S. and Canada through investments and sub-advisory services. The firm is dedicated to carefully choosing founders to collaborate with, aiming to realize their highest business ambitions. For further details, please visit our website at