HALO Connect bodycams deployed by Arriva Rail London

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Arriva Rail London,the train operating company responsible for running the London Overground alongsideTransport for London (TfL)has recently adopted HALO Connect 4G body cameras for their frontline staff. Arriva is the first large UK TOC to deploy the latest on-cam assignment technology from HALO, that's proven to harmonise staff rotation and body camera allocation, creating a straightforward staff changeover.

HALO Onboard Assignment is perfect for teams who rotate staff, stations or venues to unify pre-shift briefings and body-worn tech allocation. Swap on the spot with ZERO reliance on computers or laptops. Staff members can now allocate the body camera to themselves from the latest user list displayed on the bodycam screen from anywhere, even at the gateline as Arriva does!

The BodyCams have been a huge hit with our frontline staff! We've had them up and running for a few months now and they have been working really well.

Graham Naughton MBE - Crime & Security Manager at Arriva Rail London

The power of the 4G Connect bundle from HALO simplifies the working day and automatically uploads and earmarks recorded footage from each designated staff member straight to the cloud, eliminating tedious pre and post-shift body-worn procedures. Onboard Assignment adopts a quick-swap application that synchronises back-to-back shifts, allowing your team to focus on what matters most.

Arriva has waved goodbye to cumbersome body-worn technology allocation and footage management, isn’t it time you said hello to a quick-swap 4G connected bodycam solution all for one fixed cost?

Simply, scroll, select, and go!

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Last updated April 25, 2022

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