Investing in body cameras now, will pay off later.

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Body-worn technology has become a vital tool for security and enforcement personnel across the United Kingdom.

They allow frontline employees to record challenging interactions with the public, while also adding additional levels of accountability to high-profile, public-facing roles. Body-worn cameras are widely used across the security industry, in a wide variety of settings, including policing, retail, and transportation security.

At HALO, we mitigate the risk of procuring bodycams, especially during these uncertain times with our market-leading body camera leasing options. Starting from just £33 per month, we allow businesses to pay for their solution over 36 months, helping them protect cash flow and maintain operational integrity.

Businesses are under intense pressure to protect themselves from rising costs as inflation reaches new highs. They are looking for efficiencies in everything they do, ranging from their frontline technology right down to their supply chain costs. 

We don't use third-party finance companies to underwrite our lease business, allowing us to offer incredibly low lease rates that can't be matched anywhere else on the market.

We simplify the procurement process for body cameras, helping you access the best body-worn technology on the market. Budget for the future and reduce the outflow of cash flow with HALO - the original bodycam leasing specialist.

The benefits of switching to HALO are clear: Forward-facing staff can record events as they happen, giving them more time for routine tasks. Additionally, body cameras shield workers and civilians from false allegations or misunderstandings that would otherwise arise in intense situations.

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Last updated September 26, 2022

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