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August 10, 2023


Fare-dodging and anti-social behaviour can cause severe impacts for commuters who rely on the UK rail network daily, often negatively impacting local communities, and leading to a loss of confidence in public transportation. This knock-on effect can hit investment in services and infrastructure for train networks which ultimately impacts passengers and those travelling daily by rail the most. Addressing challenges faced by the rail industry requires effective and innovative technology. HALO body-worn cameras have emerged as a game-changing solution for Merseyrail, effectively mitigating revenue protection issues and anti-social behaviour.

Body-worn cameras are extremely popular in industries such as law enforcement, transportation, and security. This technology captures clear evidence that can be used for further investigation, also preventing antisocial or criminal. Merseyrail leveraged the power of HALO body-worn cameras in 2021 to mitigate risks and enhance staff and public safety, making bodycams a valuable asset in addressing the challenges faced by the staff.

Let's delve into the use case of Merseyrail, Liverpool's bustling rail network as we explore the transformative impact of body cameras. They have revolutionised security measures and customer behaviour, making Merseyrail a safer and more enjoyable transportation option thanks to the assistance of HALO body cameras which have helped to reshape the landscape of safety and customer satisfaction. Merseyrail stands as a vital artery of Liverpool's transportation system, seamlessly connecting the vibrant neighbourhoods, iconic landmarks, and surrounding areas. However, maintaining a secure and harmonious environment on a bustling rail network poses challenges.

Revenue protection

Revenue protection exists in many different shapes and sizes across the rail industry but is one of the most prominent and incremental issues for train operating companies (TOCs). Ticket or fare invasion and other forms of revenue loss can result in significant financial losses and disrupt operations.

Merseyrail’s adoption of HALO body cameras has increased the level of security on the network. If the physical instances of body cameras do not deter perpetrators from fare dodging or acting in an aggressive manner, the body cameras are on hand to provide clear evidence of the incident and provide a full overview of the situation for third parties like the British Transport Police, to ensure incidents are dealt with in the most efficient manner possible.

“The success of the cameras within our role and the company has been groundbreaking if I`m honest. It secures cases against offenders, but more importantly, it safeguards our staff. We have seen a decrease in assaults, of which I am certain that body-worn cameras play a massive part”. - Ray Mercer - Area Revenue Protection Officer, Merseyrail

Anti-social Behaviour (Trespassing/Vandalism)

Anti-social behaviour within the rail industry comes in many forms, including physical or verbal abuse to trespassing. Vandalising or trespassing on railway property can be extremely dangerous, causing delays and other incremental costs for Merseyrail and other TOCs across the UK who work tirelessly to maintain a safe network for passengers and staff. By providing an additional layer of security, deterring criminal behaviour, and providing valuable evidence for investigations, the HALO body-worn camera solution can help to minimise damage, protect the public, and maintain a reliable and efficient train service..

HALO’s latest body camera solutions offer real-time monitoring capabilities with smooth HD video, providing an extra layer of safety for frontline rail staff at Merseyrail. This technology allows control rooms to access critical information in real-time, enabling them to make decisions in a timely manner that could help prevent a potential incident. In addition, lone workers can benefit from wearing body cameras, which offer immediate assistance should the need arise. This feature increases the sense of security among employees and ensures that help is always available at the touch of a button.

HALO's waterproof - IP68 certified bodycam with full-shift battery life helps with prevention, detection, and leadership of incidents and crimes across the UK rail network. This cutting-edge technology enables team members to capture reliable evidence that can help in identifying perpetrators while protecting innocent people. Enabling organisations like Merseyrail to prioritise the privacy of passengers and staff whilst maintaining the integrity of the evidence collected.

Suzanne Grant, Commercial Director of Merseyrail, said: “At Merseyrail we treat the protection of both staff and passengers equally. Our Revenue Protection Officers provide a vital role in ensuring that the Merseyrail network is a safe and financially sustainable transport option for the whole of the city region."

“The use of bodycams is reassuring for staff and passengers alike, ensuring a transparent and accountable system that helps establish the facts around any interaction over which there may be some dispute."

“The cameras are a vital part of ensuring we provide a safe and secure experience for everyone on the Merseyrail network.”

Body-worn cameras have become an indispensable tool in the rail industry, addressing the challenges it faces while ensuring the safety and security of all passengers who use this vital mode of transportation.

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