UKPC's Parking Enforcement team adopts Body Cameras

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UK Parking Control,one of the UK's leading bespoke parking management solution providers, has chosen our HALO Connect 4G body Cameras to support their frontline parking enforcement teams.

Over 160 body cameras were deployed for parking enforcement agents across UKPC's parking management portfolio which consists of over 1,700 sites across England, Wales and Scotland.

Here's what Head of Warden Operations, Andrew Valentine, has to say about it!

We explored the prospect of adopting body-worn technology to increase parking attendant safety just after the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from HALO's fantastic value offering, one of the most notable things from the beginning was their team's proactive approach. Once agreements were in place they had our staff trained and deployed with body cams in the most efficient manner. Working with HALO has been terrific, we look forward to a continued partnership

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Last updated June 13, 2022

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