- October 2020
Introducing the Halo Hybrid Multi-dock

Body camera multi-dock charger with innovative hybrid upload technology.


We are thrilled to introduce the Halo Hybrid Multi-dock. A BodyCam multi-dock charger with innovative hybrid upload technology.

The all-new Halo Hybrid Multi-dock combines USB-3.1 upload and network capable RJ45 cable upload for quick charge and super-fast video evidence upload.

The optimal combination of customisation and ease of use, providing our customers with a BWV solution that not only self charges but offloads and uploads video evidence automatically.

With a magnetic self-locating charge base the Halo Hybrid Multi-dock is designed to simply guide the cameras into position for charge and footage offload to begin, without the need for cables. Our cable-less multi-dock includes a 230V 50Hz power supply unit included.

*Every Halo Horizon Series BodyCam is supplied with a single charging dock.

We are the only provider globally offering you a choice with one cost-effective solution.

Just ‘Dock n Go’ Halo will take care of the rest.


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