Body Cam contracts - zero upfront costs

The Halo Body Cam is fit for demanding use by police, fire and ambulance services across the globe.

  • From just £33 per month

  • Data usage & storage costs included

  • Full-term product warranty

  • Free setup & 24/7 support

Lease and purchase options available. Speak to our team for more information.

Heavy on features,
light on price

The world’s first truly cost-effective Body Camera solution for Police and Emergency Service professionals. Add the features you require, at no extra cost.

Investing in body cameras is one thing but storing footage security and managing it effectively is how we differentiate ourselves within the UK body cam market.



16-hour continuous record @1440p HD video

Sony Starlight lens - turn darkness into near clarity

Connected device

Waterproof - IP68 Certified

AES256 encryption

Instant GPS positioning


Forget costly data management & storage

We’re here to solve the costly data management & storage problems faced by Emergency Services and the wider security industry across the UK and Europe, with our fixed-cost Body Cam lease plan that includes data management and storage as standard. 

Our platform currently ingests millions of video assets every year and is trusted by local councils, law enforcement agencies and supermarket security companies around the world.

Despite our 4G body cameras, Halo Vault is the jewel in our crown and has been designed to take security body cams and digital storage and management to a whole new level.






For the POLICE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES sector HALO recommends implementing:

The HALO Connect 4G Body Cam

The HALO Aware Device


More efficient Digital Asset Management

Ingest bodycam footage, CCTV, ANPR, and more. For instance, ​with increased uptake in surveillance and the adoption of modern technologies such as bodycams, CCTV, ANPR systems, smartphones, dash cams, and social media.​ Subsequently,​ this has stemmed a need for one central repository to store a broad range of digital evidence in the body camera industry.

As a result, we have developed HALO Vault - our cloud-based digital asset management software, providing our Police and Emergency Services with a more efficient work and investigative experience.


Data management re-envisioned

To sum up, ​HALO Vault is a ​holistic digital security solution​ built for a world full of budget cuts and increasing demands of front-line staff.

With options to lease or buy we provide a new way to procure high spec body cameras,​ this means no matter your access to financial capital, we can provide our Police and Emergency Services with the necessary equipment to aid them at work.


What’s coming next?

Firstly, ​we plan to continuously develop our solution, and combine both Body Cam customisation and unified media file storage. ​Above all for ​ease of digital evidence management and daily operation.

Secondly, we want Police Officers on the streets where they are most valuable and not behind their desks. Upload, tag and share without having to return to base.

Finally, as technology develops we will allow you to share digital evidence between Police Forces more easily. Transcending county lines and making cross-platform sharing more effective.

  • HALO app

  • Manage digital evidence anywhere on the field

  • Interplatform evidence sharing

Who we work with

Clients from the Police & Emergency Services sectors across the globe.


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