Police Body Cameras

Body camera solutions for Blue Light Services

Body Cams fit for demanding
use by police, fire and ambulance services across the globe.

Police and Emergency Services deserve the latest body camera solution on the market. ​In short, our ​unique bodycam solution provides a better way to reduce paperwork, and reduce time spent solving cases.​ In addition, ​we provide a simple way for Police and Emergency Service staff to gather evidence and create cases.

Meet the fully customisable
HALO Horizon Series BodyCam

  • 16-hour continuous
    record @1440p
    HD video
  • AES256
  • Waterproof –
    IP68 Certified
  • Sony Starlight
    lens – turn darkness
    into near clarity

Our IP68 certified Horizon Body Cam comes as standard with industry-leading Sony starlight lens technology and AES256 encryption. Featuring 16-hour continuous record at 1400p HD resolution from just £1 per day.

Configurable features
  • 4G ready
  • Instant GPS

Add the features you require, at no extra cost.

More efficient Digital Asset Management

Ingest bodycam footage, CCTV, ANPR, and more

For instance, ​with increased uptake in surveillance and the adoption of modern technologies such as bodycams, CCTV, ANPR systems, smartphones, dash cams, and social media.​ Subsequently,​ this has stemmed a need for one central repository to store a broad range of digital evidence in the body camera industry.

As a result, we have developed HALO Vault – our cloud-based digital asset management software, providing our Police and Emergency Services with a more efficient work and investigative experience.

Build one case in one place
with our fully integrated
DAMS solution.

To sum up, ​HALO Vault is a ​holistic digital security solution​ built for a world full of
budget cuts and increasing demands of front-line staff.

With options to lease or buy we provide a new way to procure high spec body
cameras,​ this means no matter your access to financial capital, we can provide our
Police and Emergency Services with the necessary equipment to aid them at work.

What’s coming next?

A force for digital change

Firstly, ​we plan to continuously develop our solution, and combine both Body Cam customisation and unified media file storage. ​Above all for ​ease of digital evidence management and daily operation.

Secondly, we want Police Officers on the streets where they are most valuable and not behind their desks. Upload, tag and share without having to return to base.

Finally, as technology develops we will allow you to share digital evidence between Police Forces more easily. Transcending county lines and making cross-platform sharing more effective.

  • HALO app
  • Manage digital evidence anywhere on the field
  • Interplatform evidence sharing

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