Empowering landscapers, tow truck drivers, package delivery agents, and many others to showcase their work while simultaneously enhancing legal protection and physical safeguards.

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Protection from the Unpredictable

HALO takes pride in assisting your businesses to provide safety to your employees. Our commitment to assisting your organization goes beyond merely providing a product and service; it encompasses a dedication to enhancing workplace safety and promoting a culture of security within your workforce.

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Protection from the Unpredictable

Body cameras stand as a proven deterrent against antisocial behavior and abuse of staff, acting as a proactive shield for those on the frontlines.

Harness the power of body cameras to bolster accountability like never before. With every interaction captured, these wearable guardians become steadfast witnesses, promoting transparency, professionalism, and integrity.

Transformative Features for the Services Sector

16-hour continuous record

Sufficiently extended recording duration to cover a shift lasting over 12 hours.

IP68 certified

For individuals employed in settings where the camera may come into contact with moisture.

Automatic upload

Employees do not need to wait after their shift to upload their own footage to the DAMS software.

Live stream

HALOs live stream feature that goes from CAMS to DAMS to you.

Evidence management

Effortlessly distribute video material securely to law enforcement agencies.

Starlight lens

For workers who are employed during nighttime hours or in dimly lit environments.

Services solutions

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HALO Horizon
Body Cam

Next generation technology built for the demands of frontline security and public safety.

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One of the world’s most advanced Digital Asset Management Systems. Upload Body Camera footage, CCTV and more.

When budget goes further, protection goes wider.

Our unique subscription model means customers can deploy the optimum number of devices without impacting their cash flow. It makes budgets go further and that means no blind spots or weak points in your security coverage.

Fixed costs

Data usage & storage costs included

Stay Future-proofed

Keeping you with the latest models

Simple setup

Hardware, Software & Cloud storage

Free support

In-country set up & support


Full-term product warranty

Affordable monthly charges

No surprise bills or fees

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