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April 20, 2023


CONFRONTING THE COMPLEXITIES OF ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMINALITY Police forces, private security, and wider enforcement may be the first industries that come to mind when the phrase "body camera" is mentioned. Many organisations have yet to adopt body-worn technology, but the benefits for those who have already, are profound.

There are numerous ways the technology can benefit a business. Trends across the security industry in recent years have highlighted the importance of transparent, unbiased and crystal clear evidence gathering that can be used in a range of prosecution settings and public safety scenarios.

Managing Director of WISE (Waste Investigation Support and Enforcement), John Dunne, visited HALO’s UK Headquarters in Belfast to discuss how HALO body cameras have enhanced his company's operations. John has been a HALO customer since January 2021, and he outlined for us how HALO's 4G connectivity, leasing model, data protection capabilities, and outstanding customer service contributes to the success of his business.

WISE works with councils to improve the effectiveness of environmental crime teams by providing fully trained, uniformed officers and backup support for environmental crimes such as littering, dog fouling, graffiti, dumped waste, criminal damage, and fly-tipping. Body Cameras have become business critical in day-to-day operations and as a direct result of their deployment, in multiple settings, John’s team enjoy a 100% success rate with offender prosecutions

WISE has identified a crucial element for improving their operations in council compliance: a clear 4G network connection. This is particularly important for efficiently uploading footage to their cloud storage system, HALO Vault - in both urban and rural settings. The company operates in different areas of the UK, including rural locations, and they have found that having the camera switch automatically between different service providers is essential for maintaining a seamless upload to the cloud.

Unlike handheld devices, which often lose signal in these areas, the cameras have proven far more reliable. By prioritising network connectivity, John Dunne's company has been able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its compliance operations.

John mentions the powerful magnetic attachment that holds the officer's polo shirt and camera together while remaining stationary for crystal-clear audio and video, which is crucial to capturing the evidence needed for the prosecution of environmental crimes. This feature is flawed at many other top body camera manufacturers as it isn't user-stabilised or the magnet isn't strong enough to handle some of the high-pressure situations the body camera may endure.

When working in a public setting, it is important to expect the unexpected. The HALO body-worn range anticipates this with the addition of a pre-record capability. The pre-record feature allows for up to 15 seconds of pre-recorded footage, ensuring there is a backup of footage that will highlight the circumstances that led up to the officer’s activation of their bodycam. John finds this specifically useful if there is a customer complaint made against one of the officers so that they can see what the unseen footage was that led up to the interaction so action can take place on either party.

When an exchange is captured, it is uploaded automatically to HALO Vault, a proprietary cloud-based system. This feature is particularly useful from the standpoint of data security, or GDPR, as an officer interacts with an alleged offender, and the real-time footage captured is already uploaded to the cloud. There is no need to plug it in to download later, and there is no need for wires with the HALO body camera as it is fast, and wireless upload ensures no data is lost or is left on the camera at the end of the officer's shift.

A feature that differentiates HALO from other body cameras is its monthly leasing contract, which, as John describes, has many benefits for improving the profitability of his business. He mentions that it does not only help him manage his cash flow better but that the monthly payments make it "very tax efficient" and have saved him a lot of money since he first became a customer in 2021. Another benefit HALO offers is that if there is ever a broken or damaged camera, that camera is immediately fixed or replaced, and that's within 24 hours, which John explains is beneficial from both a cost and business continuity perspective.

John Dunne's statement about HALO being "the complete package" is a powerful endorsement of the body camera and HALO Vault. It speaks to the fact that HALO has thoughtfully considered the needs of frontline users and created a device that meets those needs. Furthermore, the fact that John Dunne and his company, WISE, started with just four body-worn cameras and now have over 100 in operation is a testament to the quality and efficacy of HALO's products. It's clear that the HALO body camera and HALO Vault have had a significant impact on the operations of WISE and have helped them to achieve their goals.

This endorsement from John Dunne is a valuable endorsement of HALO, as it demonstrates the real-world impact that their products can have. By highlighting the success of WISE and other satisfied customers, HALO can build trust and credibility with potential clients and continue to grow its business.