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HALO stands shoulder to shoulder with those on the frontline, solving the costly data management problems faced by Police services worldwide with the HALO subscription-based solution. While acquiring body cameras is one aspect, our distinction in the UK body cam market lies in securely storing and managing captured footage.

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A comprehensive approach to digital evidential case management, streamlining the process by consolidating various digital media formats and case building capabilities within one cloud based Digital Asset Management System (DAMS).

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The Role of Body Cameras in policing

Everyday Policing

Body-worn cameras are commonly employed in routine police operations, such as traffic stops and apprehensions.

Documenting and Supervising occurrences

Recording and overseeing incidents or other occurrences, particularly demonstrations which have seen increased activity in the UK.

Impartial overview of Incidents

Body cameras offer an impartial and unbiased account of events, presenting an unaltered perspective of what occurred during an incident.

Accountability through Footage

Bodycam footage holds both members of the public and police service personnel accountable for their conduct, ensuring adherence to established procedures and training.

Safeguarding Against False Allegations

Safeguarding both members of the public and police service personnel against unfounded claims or accusations, providing an objective record of occurrences.

Deterrence for Wrongdoing

Body-worn cameras serve as a deterrent against misconduct by the public and police service personnel, fostering professionalism and accountability.

Vital Testimony in Legal Proceedings

The footage captured by body-worn cameras constitutes crucial evidence in legal proceedings.

Upholding Justice and Transparency

The use of bodycams during incidents helps guarantee that justice is served and that appropriate legal actions are taken based on factual evidence.

Media Release of Video Footage

Video footage captured by body cameras can be released to the media to provide an accurate and transparent account of the event.

Policing solutions

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HALO Horizon
Body Cam

Next generation technology built for the demands of frontline security and public safety.

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One of the world’s most advanced Digital Asset Management Systems. Upload Body Camera footage, CCTV and more.

A police officer in the street


Introducing the HALO Aware device. Activate bodycam recoding mode as soon as your firearm, baton or less lethal defence tool is drawn.

When budget goes further, protection goes wider.

Our unique subscription model means customers can deploy the optimum number of devices without impacting their cash flow. It makes budgets go further and that means no blind spots or weak points in your security coverage.

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