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“As a company, waste investigation support & enforcement currently have a 100% success rate concerning prosecutions and the evidence that is collected by the body-worn camera is a part of that prosecution and judicial process.”

WISE, Waste Investigation Support & Enforcement

The Role of Body Cameras in security

Body cameras have proven to be invaluable tools in various security professions. They provide a range of benefits including increased accountability, transparency, and improved evidence collection.

Crowd Management

Body cameras can help in managing large crowds by deterring unruly behaviour and documenting incidents.

Loss Prevention

Body cameras act as a deterrent for potential shoplifters, reducing incidents of theft.

Evidence Collection

Body cameras can record interactions with individuals during enforcement activities, providing an unbiased account of events.

Deterrent Effect

Knowing they are being recorded, individuals are often less likely to act aggressively or engage in confrontational behaviour.

Legal Protection

Bodycam footage can be used as evidence in legal proceedingsto support the actions taken by enforcement agents.

Training Tool

Footage can be used for training purposes to review and improve security protocols and responses.


Body cameras promote accountability among security staff, ensuring they adhere to established protocols and procedures.

Impartial overview of incidents

Body cameras offer an impartial and unbiasedaccount of events, presenting an unaltered perspective of what occurred during an incident.

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in retail

Used across busy retail environments including the UK’s largest supermarket chains as part of their promise to help stores manage retail crime. Ensuring a safe environemnt for staff, consumers and communities.

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Maintaining safety of lives and businesses is an integral part of event and private security duties. Capturing an impartial and unbiased account of events the HALO solution gives users the time and confidence to do their job more efficiently. We empower security teams to build a subscription package to deliver maximum safet security and productivity.

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HALO Horizon
Body Cam

Next generation technology built for the demands of frontline security and public safety.

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One of the world’s most advanced Digital Asset Management Systems. Upload Body Camera footage, CCTV and more.

When budget goes further, protection goes wider.

Our unique subscription model means customers can deploy the optimum number of devices without impacting their cash flow. It makes budgets go further and that means no blind spots or weak points in your security coverage.

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