Supplying the UK’s largest Train Operating Companies (TOCs) with a complete safety solution.

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Transport Safety to the Future

HALO’s solution aids TOC’s with the inevitable safety and security challenges they face daily. Enhancing frontline staff confidence in dealing with incidents while capturing reliable first-hand evidence, helping rail companies and transport police to address safety concerns and incidents promptly.

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“The success of the cameras within our role and the company has been groundbreaking. It secures cases against offenders, but more importantly, it safeguards our staff. We have seen a decrease in assaults, of which I am certain that body-worn cameras play a massive part.”

Area Revenue Protection Officer, Merseyrail

The Role of Body Cameras in transport

Public Accountability and Transparency

Body cameras ensure transparency, showing a dedication to safety as a paramount concern. Promoting accountability among both staff and passengers, fostering a safer and more respectful environment.

Streamlining Investigations

Body camera footage aids in investigations, helping TOCs, transport police, and authorities identify causes and responsible parties. It also expedites legal proceedings, reducing costs for transport companies.

Conflict Resolution and De-escalation

Body cams boost frontline staff confidence and security, aiding in handling difficult passengers. They serve as valuable training tools, enabling staff to learn from real situations and enhance conflict resolution skills.

Customer Service Improvement

Captured footage assesses customer interactions for service improvement. It serves as a reference for addressing complaints and feedback.

Deterrent to Misconduct and Crime

Body cams deter potential offenders, reducingdisruptive behavior and crime. Knowing they're being recorded, passengers and staff are less likely to make false accusations.

Emergency Response and Preparedness

Body cam footage aids in evaluating and training for emergency procedures, ensuring correct protocol adherence and enhancing response effectiveness.

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Live Stream and GPS Capabilities

HALO’s Live streaming capabilities enable an immediate response to emergencies or incidents, as relevant personnel can be alerted to, assess in real-time and deploy resources accordingly.

HALO’s Global Positioning System ensures the whereabouts of staff if an incident occurs, enabling quick assistance in case of emergencies. HALO DAMS software allows management to monitor ongoing situations and provide guidance as the situation unfolds or subsequently for training purposes.

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Facial redaction & Case Building

In a bustling environment where unexpected incidents can happen at any given moment, managing the redaction of faces and vehicle registration plates from evidential footage intended for the police service can be an arduous task. This is precisely where Halo steps in to provide a solution.

With a built in redaction engine, Halo DAMS streamlines case building tools making it an indispensable tool for organisations operating in dynamic and potentially high-risk environments.

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HALO Horizon
Body Cam

Next generation technology built for the demands of frontline security and public safety.

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One of the world’s most advanced Digital Asset Management Systems. Upload Body Camera footage, CCTV and more.

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