Horizon Series Body Cam

Welcome to the next generation of Body Camera technology. Brought to you by Halo Technologies Europe.
Lease our Halo Horizon Body Cam solution from just £1 per day. An IP68 certified Body Cam with industry-leading Sony starlight lens technology and AES256 encryption. Importantly, our solution allows you to fully tailor your Body Cameras features to meet your team’s needs.

Purchase options also available. Speak to the team for more information.

Lease from just £1 per day ZERO upfront costs

  • 16-hour
    continuous record
  • Waterproof – IP68 certified
  • Starlight lens technology
  • Free setup and 24/7 support

Cutting-edge technology in your hands

The world’s leading Body Cam leasing provider, allowing you to stay connected anywhere with real-time GPS tracking and live stream capabilities.

With up to 3 years product warranty and seamless integration through our world-leading Halo Vault software, we give you access to evidence instantly and much much more…

Meet your Halo Horizon

  • 16-hour continuous record, 2-hour fast charge
  • S5L Quad-core technology – power efficient processing
  • Live stream with ease
  • 1440p & 1080p real-time remote transmission
  • Full IP68 waterproof certification
  • The safest Lithium gel power source available
  • On-board sync technology – Offload footage without docks or cables
  • Industry-leading Sony starlight lens technology
  • Instant GPS positioning
  • AES256 encryption

Halo Hybrid Multi-dock

1 Gigabit, fast charging, hybrid dock.

Body camera multi-dock charger with innovative hybrid upload technology.

The optimal combination of customisation and ease of use, providing our customers with a BWV solution that not only self charges but offloads and uploads video evidence automatically.

  • Quick charge
  • Super-fast video evidence upload
  • Magnetic self-locating charge base
  • ‘Dock n Go’ – No need for cables
  • Includes 230V 50Hz power supply unit

*Every Halo Horizon Series BodyCam is supplied with a single charging dock.

We are the only provider globally offering you a choice with one cost-effective solution. Just ‘Dock n Go’ Halo will take care of the rest.

Supermarket &
Retail Security

Invest in new Body Cam technology to
protect both staff and retail premises.

Police &
Emergency Services

Gather evidence, create cases
and reduce paperwork.

The wider
Security Industry

Transforming Digital Evidence
Management with our Cold Storage Solution.

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